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Content is King…  or is it?

There’s a reason why you are here. You know that the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and you are partially right. We feel that the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving.

In a nutshell, Content is in fact still the reigning King, however, there’s still a bit more to it. That’s why we follow the three basic rules of content and SEO. We combine these 3 SEO Content Pillars with the basics of good quality writing.

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SEO & Content Creation – What’s Your Strategy?

In order to produce successful and useful content that ultimately drives traffic and increases sales, you will need to adapt three different approaches. This includes, creating an awesome content strategy, then creating equally awesome content that solves problems; and finally, creating search engine-friendly content (SEO).

Our first strategy is creating amazing content that fills the needs of your clients or customers so we can establish you as an authority in your particular business. That way you pop up first in search engines the minute your potential customer or client asks a question in the search engines (mainly Google).

Our content writing service includes all three strategies no matter which package you pick. We start by making a list of blog post ideas that address the needs of your audience. Adding content just to rank for a certain key phrase is not enough. Adding great content that your target audience will truly benefit from is the strategy that will drive traffic, links, and shares.

Therefore, we spend time doing all the research. We then take the time to generate a piece of content unlike anything that exists on the internet.

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