Restaurant Software Packages

Need a website for your restaurant?  Why not add on our specialized software, which allows your customers to order direct from your menu. You can choose to add the software directly onto your website, or have us make a website for you. You can also have a mobile web app which gives your clients the opportunity to order direct from their mobile phone.. or combine both to maximize your business potential.


But why do I need an app if I have a website you may be asking?….

Well the answer is simple.. a mobile web app allows you to send your clients a notification direct to their mobile phone inviting them back to your restaurant as as often as you like!!!

Imagine if you could send your customers a direct notification to their mobile phone offering them a birthday meal, a special deal or a complimentary welcome drink at the touch of a button. Now you can with our custom designed mobile web apps, which can be designed for any business who wishes to connect direct with their customers.

For restaurants you can also link the restaurant ordering software and QR code so that your customers can easily add your web app to their home screen and for easy sharing they can send a website link to their friends by SMS.

To maximize your restaurant package, we are offering a special combination package in which we create your 5 page website design and also a Mobile App and connect the restaurant ordering software to both for a fantastic low cost deal… see below for combination packages and to learn more about Mobile Apps you can click here…

Learn More about Mobile Web Apps…


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