Are digitized menus the future for restaurants?

Here is one hard fact – QR Codes are germ & Covid-19 free! You need a menu app, allowing your clients to easily order, so we’ve put together a €200 website package just for restaurants. We also created some low cost subscription services to get you onboard with the future of online restaurant ordering systems.

Check out our pricing scheme below, which includes our monthly subscription plans.

You can get a 5 page website with online menu ordering system today for just €200 in our introductory one off website deal!

Scan the QR code to see our Ordering Software

The quickest and easiest way to show your clients your menu is to ask them to scan your personal QR code using their mobile phone, but why not take it one step further and get your Menu on their phone so they can order direct from you. Imagine if you could have your own online ordering system like Just Eat or Uber Eats… this is how.

Your clients can save your website to their home screen so that they can sit at home and order from your menu which enables you to turn your restaurant into a collection or delivery takeaway service. Our software allows you to take cash payments and credit card payments.

Scroll down to see our packages & pricing starting at €200 for a 5 page website.


What will €200 give you?

A stylish fully responsive 5 page branded website for desktop, tablet & mobile with clear menu ordering buttons to direct your clients to your online ordering menu where they can order food direct from your restaurant app.

Right now, you may be questioning, why do you need the online ordering software if your customers are dining in your restaurant and your wait staff are taking orders… but then you can look at another way… well the answer is what if your area is put into lockdown again?

Let’s hope not, but if this happens, this time you will be prepared as you will have a website ready to take takeaway orders for home delivery or collection!

The software is easy to use on your end too… all your orders will come straight to your restaurant app so you can keep control of your orders and keep earning.

All websites come with your personalised QR code and our team can advise you regarding ways to market your ordering system, for example… ask your clients to save your website on their mobile home screen and get them to check-in on Facebook to share your new menu with their friends.

Click on our examples below or scan the QR code.  Please note that these are real examples of our Restaurant & Takeaway Websites complete with real-time Online Ordering Software, therefore please do not order unless you would like to receive a pizza!).

For more details on how this works and for marketing tips, speak to one of our team today!


After Sales Services & Additional Fees

  • We provide consultation and support including set up and full training for you and your staff on how to use the online ordering system for €25 per hour.
  • Menu/Products insertion fee €20 (Payable for every menu change)
  • Card payments to Stripe (merchant account) to setup Visa card transactions for customers, Stripe will charge the client 1.9% for each card transaction.
  • For a basic multiple language website, the basic license fee is €50 per year. The website can be available in several languages.
  • Translation services are available and is charged based on the number of words including our insertion fee. We can provide a quote for this service in advance – Please contact us for more information.


But why do I need an app if I have a website you may be asking?….

Well the answer is simple.. a mobile web app allows you to send your clients a notification direct to their mobile phone inviting them back to your restaurant as as often as you like!!!

Imagine if you could send your customers a direct notification to their mobile phone offering them a birthday meal, a special deal or a complimentary welcome drink at the touch of a button. Now you can with our custom designed mobile web apps, which can be designed for any business who wishes to connect direct with their customers.

For restaurants you can also link the restaurant ordering software and QR code so that your customers can easily add your web app to their home screen and for easy sharing they can send a website link to their friends by SMS.

To maximize your restaurant package, we are offering a special combination package in which we create your 5 page website design and also a Mobile App and connect the restaurant ordering software to both for a fantastic low cost deal… see below for combination packages and to learn more about Mobile Apps you can click here…

Learn More about Mobile Web Apps…


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