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Not on social media yet?  We can set your pages up from scratch, starting from €100

social media behind the scenes

Social Media Management is not just about creating content and posting nice pictures, there is a lot of work that goes into building a brand and creating fans.

Behind the scenes our team will set time aside and share your page in groups that compliment your business which will build even more awareness for your brand. So that we are engaging and building your ideal audience, we will be asking you for images and content, which in turn enables us to keep our prices low and value packed. 

One of the things that we encourage all clients to do is take ownership of Facebook & Instagram stories which will help you to organically build your niche audience.  Don’t worry if you are new to this… we will show you how!

We also ask you to take care of your own comments as nobody knows your business better than you.. but don’t worry, we will keep an eye on this so that you never miss one!

Looking to launch your social advertising campaign?

Check out our 30 day ads management packages. Whether you are just launching your Ecommerce or Dropshipping store or if you want to dramitcally improve ROI and lead generation, we can help! From demographic research to understanding your audience to keyword research, we have the skills, tools, and experience needed to arm your social media campaigns with data-driven strategies.


We have slashed our prices for remote work. Get in touch today to find out more about our offers and how we can help you succeed online. FREE consultancy as and when required. Either contact us directly or via Facebook Messenger Chat and we'll be in touch in less then 24 hours.

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